26 January 2011

Making the most of every minute...



 My boss said I could take off early since it was a quiet afternoon ~ so I did!  I managed to get home in time to get some daylight photos of my latest three kal shawl pieces.  Much truer in color than the last batch, not that I didn't like the amber shade they appeared!  I finished the spacer for Day 19 in my car before work this morning while I was drinking my coffee, so I should be able to get that one done tonight.  Three quarters done...or more if my yarn doesn't hold out til the end!).
View from our deck
 Here's proof that the sun does shine around here once in awhile, even if it is just peeking between the hills and the clouds.  That's enough for me!  Can't get enough of that sight this time of year!
Pink Polka Dotted Pre-Primered Attic
Now I still have time to get one last coat of primer on the knitting attic ~ man, those giant pink splotches are tough to cover up ~ before I whip up a batch of Kelli's Tuna Noodle Casserole and then settle down for an evening of knitting.  I love unexpected free time during the week ~ time to go make the most of it!


  1. That yarn is a lovely color, and your attic will be so cozy when done :-)

  2. Your knitting room is going to be wonderful. What color did you choose?

    Yikes, don't tell my husband you had Tuna Casserole! I should bake him some one of these nights.

    The days are getting lighter!

  3. colors are Martha Stewart ;) - Parchment Paper for main color and Oolong Tea for accent color (pretty green ~ Jas actually picked out!)

    I'll get some pics up once I have it painted so you can see...

    The casserole was great and enough for leftovers tonight so even better! Thanks!

  4. Your scarf is looking so lovely! I cannot wait to see your "after" pictures of your knitting room.

  5. ALL looks great, knitting room and the scarf looks beautiful and sure it is. Also that is a
    great view. Tuna noodles sounds good.

  6. Trudy, if you think the knitting attic looks beautiful with nothing done yet, you'll love it when it's painted, with new flooring,cabinets and furniture, and rumor has it, maybe a new nice window ;) ~ the new window was your son's idea! I won't say 'no' if he wants to do the work, that's for sure!