31 October 2012

isn't she grand!?! ~ posted by Melissa

Do you guys remember Penny, my very talented artistic friend?  If not, let me introduce you to her:

This is Penny, who come to find out has a heart of gold as big as the stack of hats she's holding.  And that's a mighty big stack ~ 33 caps, to be exact.  Penny and I have a friendship made in heaven ~ I had an enormous bag of leftover yarn from finished knits that was always meant to be turned into some sort of charity project, but could never find the time to make a dent in it.  Penny knits hats for charity and has lots of time but had run out of yarn.  So, about a month ago the bag of yarn changed hands, and those hands on the receiving end got busy and with needles still smoking, Penny delivered this giant mountain of love to her local homeless shelter yesterday.  And you can bet they were thrilled ~ and encouraged Penny to come back with more, which as you can tell from the grin on her face, does not break her heart!

Penny, you rock!  Thanks for putting the yarn to such good use and I know the people that benefit from your kindness during the upcoming chilly months will appreciate their warm noggins and all your hard work.  I'm so glad to know you!   ~ Melissa

If you've joined Ravelry, Penny is an honorary member of the knitwits ~ her rav name is knitwitless if you want to check out the project she created for these hats.


  1. Way to go ladies,nothing like a hand knittted cap when it's cold outside.

  2. WOW! Now, that's a stack of hats!! Way to go, Penny!

  3. Gee, what a wonderful tribute. I don't know what else to say, except thank you everyone. :)

    A friend of mine insisted I have a photo taken before I deliver the hats.

    By the way... it is surprising how heavy that stack was. I hope to make another just like it before long.

    Thank you Melissa for making this project possible. I could have limped along on my modest stash, and scrounged up more yarn at VV or GW, but you made it happen so quickly. FYI -- finished another gold hat tonight during Survivor. Woo hoo.