08 July 2013

I'm baaaack! ~ post from Guest Blogger Jeff

hi there!

long time no post. life and work had been suuuuuuuper busy and knitting and spinning had gone by the wayside. now that we're into July, and the "big meeting that pays my salary" is over, i have time to knit and spin again! maybe i'll actually finish my shetland triangle sometime soon!

it's also been fracking hot and humid in PA and that has made me not want to knit - plus, it's Tour de Fleece! so i've been spinning lots more than knitting (although, i did finish one baby blankey and start on another - good old no thinking garter stitch).

here is some yummy spinning goodness:

corriedale spun on my great wheel
 speaking of great wheels, i, uh, kind of just acquired another one...

the "new" GW is in the front of the "old" gw.
i just need to get a drive band and a little piece to keep the wheel on and i think we're in business!
and now, back to your regularly scheduled spinning pics:

this became...

...this! a 2-ply wensleydale from Into the Whirled
in the Doctor Who inspired colorway Mercy Hartigan

black welsh mountain and tussah silk blend from HilltopCloud
single was spun months ago, but finally plied it this week

north ronaldsay from Gnomespun - my first "successful" attempt at long draw on the Lendrum
BFL from HilltopCloud naturally dyed with marigolds

will become a 3-ply yarn with the other 2 braids above (also
naturally dyed - both with berberis)


  1. I love all the yarn you're making!

  2. WOW great progress. Such pretty yarn.

  3. look at all the goodies!!! did you dye the fiber at the bottom yourself?

    congrats on the newest great wheel

    ahem, do we need to worry about you?? :)

    1. you might need to worry about me... yeah... i think you might!

      i didn't dye the fiber. a welsh lady did - HilltopCloud is her etsy store, though I'm not seeing any of her naturally dyed stuff up on her site (it may be a seasonal thing).