27 July 2013

On the Edge~guest blogger Andee

I'm on the edge! Hee hee. Really I am. Despite having tons of company lately and little time to knit. I am finally on the edge of my Quill. I am so excited. I am hoping and praying I have enough yarn to finish! 
I'm going to see Miranda Lambert tonight. Woo Hoo! I am so excited. I'll leave you with a song so you can be excited too.
Have a great weekend!


  1. Congrats and have fun at the concert... So was picking up stitches pretty easy.. I still have 160+ garter rows to go;)

  2. Oooh... this is really nice, Andee. LOVE the colors you chose. Finally you Quillers are beginning to post your Quills. I've been waiting and a little jealous I did not participate. However, I am doing my own secret KAL with myself. Haaa... well, my BFF, Carolyn chose something diff from me, but she's gotten distracted with a WIP, socks I think. Plus we hiked and she looooves to read. How can you do it all, right?

  3. i love your quill andee, it's going to be one of my favorite knits of yours. have FUN at the concert!! i love miranda lambert!

  4. hooray for the edging! I think that's the bestest part of knitting lace :)

  5. it looks soooo soft, Andee! how was Miranda???

    1. Miranda was awesome! We had so much fun.

  6. Oh my, these colors came together so well!