14 November 2013

if you can't knit the one you love, love the one you knit... by guest blogger Melissa B.

Have you ever found yourself in the position of suddenly needing to knit three baby sweaters very, very quickly? Do you know how hard that is for a monogamous knitter to pull off when she's over halfway through a lace project this big?

It's hard, people. I have made my first foray into non-monogamous knitting, and it...well, it went well in the sense that I did in fact manage to dye yarn for and knit three little newborn Vertebrae cardigans in a VERY short amount of time, but not well in the sense that my poor Rachel's Shawl project just got set to one side the entire time.  I am obviously not cut out for this multiple knitting project thing.

in progress.

But now they're all done (the last one is still drying) and they turned out REALLY cute...and I'm back to finishing up this beautiful baby.  I've got 19 repeats and I'm probably going to stop at 21 instead of continuing on with the remaining yarn like I originally planned.  I think instead I'm going to use the rest of the yarn to do a little sweater swatching. And maybe make a doll with some crazy scarlet hair.

Does anyone else feel like 2013 has whizzed by at a ridiculous rate? Is anyone else as behind on their Christmas knitting as I am? (I have almost nothing done. In fact, you're looking at it. Oh, dear.)

Hope you all have a glorious weekend. :)


  1. YES! this year has whizzed by especially since the beginning of September. Lucky babies to be having some hand knits :)

  2. Hi, 'the other Melissa' !

    glad you're back to working on your mom's shawl ~ those baby sweaters turned out amazing...and I'm lucky enough to have some of your hand dyed to work with...it's good to be me :)

    21 repeats will be great ~ it blocks bigger than you think! can't wait to see it finished!

  3. I'm like you... not much on multi-tasking when knitting. Don't like to see the WIP's piling up, but I look around at all the "experts" and their WIP's, and then I feel okay about it -- sort of. Lucky babies getting those sweaters. :)

  4. Melissa B. ,

    Such true words, all you can do is what you can do. I did cheat and purchase 2 pair of hand knitted alpaca fingerless gloves (from our local craft bizarre, which supports local artists) for 2 of my daughters, they will never ask if I made them, they will assume. They still don't appreciate, the hand knits yet... oh I will tell them if they ask...

    Triplet sweaters, and you stepped up to the challenge, during holiday knitting, I think you deserve a crown or something!