29 December 2013

K A L ~ 2014 ~ L A C E !!! a post from Kelli

Ringing in the new year 2014, is there a better way?
I'm anxiously waiting to cast on.

ELM is the color name.  The hues are tea stained colors. 
Not sure what size needle to use on the light fingering yarn...
time and testing will tell.

I've never knitted the fiber combination, merino wool,
kid mohair & mulberry silk...excited to see how it
knits up. 
Sounds good ~  

~ H A P P Y   N E W  Y E A R ~


~ Melissa look what I learned...hmm, hopefully I'll remember how I did that in '14 ? ;)


  1. That looks like some beautiful yarn!!!

  2. Thanks Andee, I'm excited to see what your handspun! That must be such a thrill/ lotta work, I can hardly imagine dig that. You are an inspiration~ so glad you hook up with us.

  3. look at you getting all blog fancy & such :)

    pretty post ~ love the yarn ~ the colors remind me of the 2 skeins of lace weight I stranded together for my knitting attic curtain (remember?) ~ love it

    I'm back to stash busting for the kal ~ can't decide what to use...ponder ponder ponder

  4. Attic curtain...yes, great color. That's right you can call me 'fancy blogger' girl, (how long did that take me?) Let's NOT count. Did you go to CM? Get anything? Any ideas?

    1. no CM :( ~ maybe next week sometime? Jas' foot might be trying to rear it's ugly head again so we decided not to go over ~ back to the doc next week...sigh

      that's why I'm back to stash ~ I've got everything pulled out right now on my kitchen table but nothing is screaming PICK ME so I'm not sure what I'll do? I've knit so much from my stash the last couple years it's pretty picked over, especially for big projects