31 December 2013

A-Spire to Finnish - joining the KAL ~ guest blogger Andrea

Well, I've really been chomping at the bit to start the KAL.  2013 knitting was dominated by  the Rimes The Reason sweater - a project heavy on cables and big yarn.  I'm really needing some lace knitting.  Santa (aka hubby) did my shopping for me by purchasing more than enough madeline tosh merino light for this project.  Hmmm......how did he know? (thanks Sarah).  Anyway, I'm ready.

My yarn color is colorway Wicked and my inspiration is a needlepoint picture of  the church in Kristinestad, Finland where my paternal grandfather was baptized, c. 1896.  My grandparents brought this picture back from Finland for me when I was very young.  A family member did the stitching and I treasure it dearly.  I wonder if there was a subconscious draw because of the name Wicked!  Ha!

I'm hoping to join in with friends and fellow knitters that I do not know yet.  Kelli and Melissa always keep things interesting.  Kelli, did you notice I photographed MY yarn on a silver plate too?  It's tarnished, but silver, nonetheless!  Happy New Year to you all!


  1. welcome, Andrea!!!!! love your post ~ everything about it :) ~ so glad to have you along for the journey

    I am going to blow up your photos a bit so everyone can see that special needlepoint a little better!

  2. Oh my goodness, that yarn is so beautiful! You've got to give kudos to DH, and the friend who tipped him off ;)

    1. Thanks, the friend who tipped him off is the owner of my favorite LYS, Wildfibers in Mt. Vernon, Wa.

  3. That is beautiful yarn. The needlework is so good. I feel like needlework is a lost art. My mother in law was a pro at it, but somehow stopped doing it over the years, just like every other needle-worker I know.

    Love of Cuteness

  4. Such beautiful yarn and inspiration. I can't wait to see your progress!