10 December 2013

Rose Garden, at last! ...by guest blogger Melissa B.

Greetings, lords and ladies! I don't think I have EVER waited this long to get pictures of a FO after completing it!! I finished shortly before Thanksgiving, and then work got busy, and then I got sick over Thanksgiving and am STILL sick, and it has been cloudy outside...blah.  At any rate, I'm caught up and ready to show you my hand dyed Rachel's Shawl project.

Rose Garden Scarf

Red is really hard to photograph well, you guys. I'm so in love with this rosy scarlet, though.  (I'm also REALLY terrible at photographing myself)

 Rose Garden Scarf

The yarn I used was 100% (non-superwash) wool, so it doesn't drape the same as the silk in the original project, as you can see...but that's ok, because I intended this to be used more as a scarf than as a shawl. I am glad I didn't go past the recommended number of repeats in the end, since it blocked out to the perfect size, and since I had just enough yarn left over to make a sweater swatch. :)

I think my mom is going to enjoy it, especially as cold as it tends to get in Indiana!

Thanks again to Melissa for hosting this KAL and for such a fabulous pattern. :)  Hope everyone is enjoying all this deliciously cold December weather (we even got some! In Houston!!!).  :)


  1. it turned out perfectly, Melissa ~ your mom will love it!

    come back and knit with us anytime...you're always welcome :)

  2. lovely shawl and I know your mom will wear it daily-weather permitting!!

  3. Beeeeautiful! Love the color. I agree -- your mother with LOVE it.