05 June 2014

If I'm Sitting I'm Knitting ~guest blogger Andee

Today I am wearing my T-Shirt that says "If I'm Sitting I'm Knitting". Unfortunately I am not knitting, but working. I decided to take a quick brake and make a post. Melissa told me it was okay :)  I released two new patterns yesterday.
I used Fable Fibers Novel yarn in the colorway Amelie. I am in love with this yarn. I had planned on releasing these patterns in the Fall. But I couldn't resist releasing it now.

The pattern knits up like a top down shawl, but it is worked in the round. I wanted to design a mindless project that would be a good travel knit. I also wanted something that would be good for unique one of a kind skeins of yarn. Whether it is hand-painted, hand-spun or just a pretty skein of yarn I wanted a pattern that could show off the colors. 

I also wanted a pattern that would work for my parents, Arrow Acres Farm, alpaca yarn. We get our yarn back from small fiber mills and the thickness vary from year to year. I wanted a pattern that would be flexible and work with any weight of yarn. Below is a version of it with my parents farm blend yarn. It is a combination of three of their alpacas.

The second pattern I released is "Standing Stones".
To be honest I have been wearing this just about everyday since April! It is the perfect thing to wear over my shoulders and knit, drink my coffee, go out to dinner.... It is just a simple and very functional accessory.
This pattern has a chart and the directions are also written out. I would say the skill level would be an advanced beginner.

I am busy working on a Fingering weight version of the Standing Stones pattern. I just want to double check the yardage. Then I'll be back on my Spire.
I have turned two corners on my Spire and I keep putting it on and showing it off around the house :) It is still pretty bunched up on the needles though so it is really hard to photograph. As soon as I'm done with my next sample I'm back to working on it. I'm hoping to have it done before our next camping trip in a few weeks!
Have a great day and happy knitting!!!
I also have to give a shout out to my sister Leanne for the amazing graphic design work she did putting my patterns together.  If you ever need any graphic design work I highly recommend using her!!!


  1. thanks for taking me up on the offer to post here as well, Andee ~ you've done amazing work and your photos are always the best...I used to buy Rowan magazines just for the fairytale pics but stopped my subscription when I realized I was actually making NOTHING from them :)

    good luck with these and I CAN'T WAIT to see your Spire !!!!

    well done, my friend (and Leanne as well for the design ~ do you hire out??)

    1. Melissa, YES! I work freelance and I would love to do more and more knitting graphic design. If you know of someone in need please send them my way.

  2. p.s. ~ I'm holding out for the fingering weight version...I don't have enough heavier yarn in my stash to make either of these right now but I do have light weight & I know I would wear Standing Stones in fingering...keep me posted!!!

  3. Love them both and love how really how the patterns really show off the yarns.

  4. Beautiful Andee , you have been blessed with an amazing talent!

  5. Wow Andee... these are lovely. Thanks for posting. :)

  6. These are all wonderful! Photo 5 (of 8), the greenish one, looks a little smaller. I am very interested in that one. Is it the same pattern, but different yarn weight? How/where do we find your patterns. Thank you!