11 June 2014

Starmore Sweater ~ A post from Kelli

                           If you where asked to take, finish
                 and keep an Alice Starmore sweater, would you?

  I had a long conversation with  Carol Thompson a local gal who lives in my town.  She was done with the project.  She'd finished 75% of the sweater, with great tension and lovely stitches, and wanted it to go to a good home, she wondered if I knew of anybody who would finish and enjoy this Celtic Fair isle, in my size.  With the book, yarns and even the Addi Turbo US#3,36" circular needles, bought in 1996, (for only $8.95! from Weaving Works in Seattle).  She'd steeked the arms and neck, but didn't know what that was, I explained to her what that was.   Her hands have arthritis, I could tell it was bittersweet to hand it over.  I offered to 'someday' finish it for her.  She wanted no part in the return of the sweater. 

It will be a bit of an undertaking for me. I've never picked up, where someone has left off,  I do love it, and am excited to work on it soon, (it needs to get in line).  I will be asking advice from my coworkers.  That steeking thing still makes me nervous.   I should tell you also there are a couple hundred 'ends' to weave in... :/   Oh to have an Alice Starmore sweater~

I did know somebody who'll give her Alba sweater a good home.  I asked for a hug before she left and thanked her. 

You just never know where this 'knitting thing' will take you.


  1. What a wonderful bit of history to go along with an amazing project! I'm so glad you are able to help this woman finish her sweater!

  2. I'm sure it will turn out beautiful. That is a very interesting story, funny how God put you right in her path in looking for someone to finish her much loved project. Will be anxious to see the finished project, you are the perfect person for a happy ending to the story.

  3. You CAN do this! My very first project as a knitter (fools go where ....) was an Alice Starmore stranded vest. I did it, it took a year, but I didn't feel it was especially difficult. With only 2 colors per row, it's easier than it looks. Because of my lack of experience, I didn't do very well with the front bands (too many sts. picked up), but otherwise, it was a fun and very do-able project! (even the steeks)
    And she'll be so happy to see her masterpiece finished and being worn...