21 March 2015

the calm before... posted by Melissa

Our first full day : sunshine and low tide
much to be seen
in Cannon Beach

it's alive!

California Mussels, Thatched Barnacles...

...and Leaf Barnacles

Gulls and...

...a Sooty Oystercatcher

the ocean's artwork


a colony of aggregating anemones

orange Ochre Sea Star

purple Ochre Sea Stars

"Terrible Tilly"

he didn't think I was taking enough pictures...heh!

my favorite beachcomber

Tillamook Lighthouse

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One (or two) more to go!
Hope you're enjoying the pictures -


  1. These are amazing. You don't miss a beat do you? The things you find that I imagine many could miss by not taking it all in. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Lolol! I love his T-shirt!! Miss you!

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  4. Great pictures, makes me want to go to the beach on of these days soon.

  5. gorgeous photos!! I wish I was there...

  6. Oh I have so much to get caught up on. What do you mean you went on vacation with out me!!!!

  7. Three things that made me happy in this post: Tillamook!! Sea anemones! And seeing your beach comber walking around.

  8. I wish you had a "follow by email" button. It's the easiest way for me to follow a blog. I know you can get it for blogspot. I love your blog!