26 July 2015

All My Toys Nicely Put Away ~ from Kelli

If you are fortunate to come across DMC thread boxes, take advantage
of the storage capabilities for knitting supplies!
For my circulars that aren't nicely packed in there assigned
numbered spots in the Knit Pick cases(sss)...oh my, I have more then I thought!
(BTW thanks Melissa for helping with that.)
They are now separated in drawers.
The double points (love love love those) still need a needle
gauge tool, organizing those in more detail, for another day.

Those tools that you really need but once-in-a-while,are now in a good home.

So far it's working well, as long as I remember to put them back.


  1. I just used a small set of drawers to organize my needles and such too. I love getting my tools in order.

  2. Ooozing with envy. Of course, I've not accumulated near what you have Kelli, but I can see these drawers would be a time-saver and stress reliever. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks Penny, if only it'll stay this way ~

  3. great idea! lovely organization :)