06 July 2015

From the other side of things - by Will !!!

Whew! Vacation can take a bit of recovering! Here are a few more photos from our visit with Mel and Kelli, though I think Mel summed it up quite beautifully. The day was a bit surreal, and a wonderful way to end our vacation in the Pacific Northwest.

 We started our day by taking the ferry. This was a thrilling moment, for we had just received word of the SCOTUS decision legalizing gay marriage across the entire nation. I decided then and there that my goal at Churchmouse would be to find something celebratory and perhaps a bit out of my usual color palette.

By the way, for those who were wondering, green is well within my usual color palette.

We took the ferry from Seattle to Bainbridge Island ... 

I had been waiting for years to get here! At last! 

The joyous occasion was made all the better by meeting dear knittterly friends in person for the first time. How cool is that???

Some people are camera-shy, so we had to be creative in our approach. Thanks to Mel for scheming up a way to get the mister in the shot. Mission accomplished!

I found something that fit the bill for "rainbow," and we left to grab some lunch.

I told you green is in my color palette. And now, so is rainbow.

I had some salmon mac-n-cheese that was uh-maz-ing. (Thanks for the recommendation, Kelli!)

 This was the other part of the trip that I had been anticipating for years...pie from the Blackbird Bakery. Thanks to everyone for humoring me :)  There was actually only one type offered, as it is not a dedicated pie shop. Apparently, pie is a thing in the Pacific Northwest. This was pie experience number four on our trip, and the only one that wasn't a self-declared pie shop. I was more than willing to make the exception.

Now that I had checked off my bucket list items (and then some), I was able to relax a bit and enjoy the rest of the day together, snapping pictures to take the day home with me.

We drove off the Island until we reached Port Gamble, home of The Artful Ewe. We relaxed and soaked in the beautiful weather. I was only slightly disappointed that we weren't getting the dreary clouds and rain that I had expected. Actually, it was as if Mount Rainier came out to join the festivities.

Eventually, the afternoon wound to a close and we ferried back to the mainland. The ride afforded several luxuries, including a lovely wall map to help me narrate our journey!

It also lent some beautiful views of the mountains.

Now that I am back, I've been sifting through hundreds of photos and knitting up a sort of tube scarf. I love how it's turning out, and the memories it carries with it. I hope we can do it again someday!


    Great post & great memories!

    You guys are ALWAYS welcome :)

    (let me know when you want to start that book, Will!)

  2. This is on my bucket list too. I now have a friend that moved to Seattle last month and I anticipate that I will get there some day. Love your pics! Thank you.

  3. That scarf is GORGEOUS! So glad you had a good time. It's not usually this hot here in Seattle, at least not for extended periods, but it does make for wonderful ferry trips!

  4. Will and Jeff come back soon! Love your post! The pictures are fabulous, even the sneaky one!
    I'm sitting here reminiscing the day, and will visit this post anytime I need a pick-me-up.
    I feel very blessed to call you both friends!

  5. Thoroughly enjoyable travelogue. I love all the pics with a guy (you just don't see a lot of those on knitting blogs!). I would love to take that trip.

  6. So glad you were able to come and see what the PNW is all about, as in the greater Seattle area. Isn't Mt. Rainier awesome, and the Cascades and Olympics? When the skies are blue it's breathtaking here, and happy you could spend time with two outstanding people (Kel and Mel). Love your maps -- what a fun post. Thanks for sharing so much of your day. Delightful!

  7. loved seeing the travels and fun you all had! I wish I was there....

  8. Nice post. It sure looks like a lot of fun and adventure for you both. Sorry that the weather didn't gray up for you. We'll see it soon enough, I'm sure. We're not complaining about the sun and warmth, though. Happy knitting~