01 July 2015

and in other news.... posted by Melissa

Hello!  So this is my other big news....Kelli and I were asked to participate in this exhibit which opened today at the La Conner Quilt & Textile Museum .  What an honor!  The 'Artist Reception' was tonight although neither of us attended.  Kelli had to work and I went up early to take photos (which are NOT allowed but I was given permission to take some of just my pieces, so here they are!).  The museum is housed in the historic Gaches Mansion (which you can read about on the museum's site that I linked above).  It's a breathtaking place and I'm so proud to have some of my very favorite and treasured items on display there for the next month.
If you get a chance, make your way north.  The drive through Skagit Valley during the summer is fertile and green and abundance is everywhere.  Farm stands at almost every turn - much bounty and local produce to be had for all tastes and appetites.  The museum is cheap (I think $7) and there are a few other exhibits there that rival our cherished knitting.
Thanks for letting me share...and brag just a little.  Who would have thought...a museum show?!?  Oh. My.
Heheheh : )

[the pictures aren't stellar - the lighting was dim and the walls were dark so this was the best I could do, darn it !!]


  1. What an honor and your work is breathtaking. Most of us will never create the masterpieces you have made and such an inspiration us. Thank you so much for sharing. Hugs... P3

    1. thanks, P3!!!

      You and Carolyn should plan a girls day - La Conner is fun and gorgeous and you'd dig the museum and the art pieces other than the knitting!!

  2. This is a proud Mother-In-Law .. what great pictures. That is a beautiful picture of you. What an honor for both of you.. You and Kelli both do beautiful knitting. Proud of both of you... Hugs and Blessings.

  3. I think you might be famous :) Love your work and Kelli's and how nice to be recognized :)

  4. Beautiful! I am so glad to see both of you get the recognition you deserve!

  5. Well done! Love what you entered! I've heard talk of your amazing works! Can't wait to see for myself!

  6. Congratulations on the show! Your pieces are gorgeous!

  7. Super cool! I wish we could have gone. I'm glad they permitted you to take photos of your pieces... of course, they're gorgeous. I wish your Rachel's Shawl was represented, but did you even keep any of the dozen or so that you made? :)

  8. Went to the museum yesterday, I wish we had a nearby year round knitting museum. So elegant~ your pieces looked perfect all around. I think it's unique and extra special that we both are together in the show. I wonder if people see our last names and think we're biological sisters who sit around and knit lace? I'm such a dreamer.