04 July 2015

Happy 4th with a little homemade Iced Coffee - posted by Kelli

Summer greetings everyone ~ my husband and 17 yr old (almost 18)! Have up and moved these last few weeks. It's the hottest summer/year on record! Fortunately our new home has AC! We bought a darling little bungalow a bit northeast of where we use to live. Closer to work for me and school for my daughter.
I've been seriously nesting far more then knitting!
I'm planning on getting to the "lace show" in LaConner one day soon.
Anyways Happy Fourth!!!
This Iced Coffee recipe is from The Pioneer Women, Ree Drummand. I highly recommend checking her recipes, especially this one.
Stay cool and knit on !


  1. Looks good and the house looks cute... Stay cool... Hugs

  2. I hope you're liking your new digs! I cannot fathom the idea of moving...SO. MUCH. WORK. Hope you had a happy 4th of July!

  3. Melissa came a day and helped. All my needles ( that I know of) are nicely organized!
    I let her do that for me, she was a trooper! And has a gift for organizing also~
    And yes thanks for saying SO! MUCH! WORK!
    But it feels great to be clutter clean ~
    Have a lovely summer😎