02 September 2010

Happiest Birthday!

What a special day for twoknitwit,another year gone,and oh the many new skills she has gained. What will this coming year hold? Can't wait to see.

You are a great friend, and I count myself blessed to be apart of your life.


  1. thanks, sis ~ right back at ya

    who would have thought blogging would be one of my new skills ;)

    ps ~ did you buy yourself some flowers in honor of my special day? ha! they're really pretty

  2. No those flowers are a picture I already had. Are you feeling special?

    I don't buy flowers, I use that money for yarn, but I'm glad I took pictures of the flowers I use to buy. But had I bought flowers for me in honor of your birthday...these are what they'd be. I did buy yarn for me in honor of your birthday...you are THAT special!!!