21 September 2010

Here We Are...Melissa, Sivia and I

Learning new skills and tips from a wonderful teacher.

Sivia Harding kept my full attention from 10:00 till 5:00!

Thanks to Sarah Parker owner of Wild Fibers for bringing her to this area.

Can't wait to finish the Ophidian shawl.


  1. She's an incredible designer ~ what an honor to be able to take a class from her and to see first-hand all the beautiful lace creations she's knit. My queue of must-do knits definitely got longer after her class! Thanks, Sivia!

  2. ...and I know she's probably heard this more times than she can count but, gee, I can't remember EVER being able to look down at the top of someone's head! There's a ton of talent packed into that tiny person ;)

  3. Thank you for posting this picture! Fond memories of both of you free spirits in my class on Saturday!! And I am glad to have provided you that ego boost that came from looking DOWN at the top of my head.. Oh dear!!