21 September 2010

Another Knitting Designer

Here we are with Coralie Meslin.
This picture looks like we're in high school working on a yearbook or something. We're all 30+.
We're actually knitting away, getting to know our new 'designer friend' Coralie.
Check her patterns out on Ravelry~ How fortunate are we to sit and visit while Coralie sits and creates new summer time sweaters.
She even brought us prize winning chocolate chip cookies. Does it get better then that?


  1. I love how having Coralie in the photo lets us say we're '30+' years old! LOVE that ~ I don't think any of us look a day over 28 ;)

    What a fun couple of hours ~ she was great and amazing to watch work! And now I better get back to my top-secret knitting so she stays my new designer friend!

  2. looks like a couple high school girls to me....
    having a great time of course.

  3. ooooh ~ high school ~ that's even better than 28! you just became my fave brother-in-law ;)