08 September 2010


these days the word has a whole new meaning but I still like the old fashioned definition ~ plump, juicy and oh, so yummy ;)

78 cups of berries later (all FREE!) we had 9 batches of warm blackberry jam ~ no trip to the clinic today but quite a few mishaps that didn't require a doctor's attention ~ steam burns, lots of spatters, exploding jars and a little bit of chaos mixed in proved for a great time ~ started the day with a needlepoint class and then got down to business ~ here's a few shots of us in action (taken by oneknitwit's hubby who came home just in time for an impromptu photo shoot!) ~ I think Kelli may have a better pic on her camera but these were the best that I had (isn't Kelli's kitchen cute?!)


  1. That looks like a lot of fun and a lot of jam! Yum!

  2. it was a blast ~ we made SIXTY jars and some of them are big! it is yummy ;)