28 September 2011

Houston, we have a problem

How I managed to get this much done as quickly as I did remains a mystery:

All that's left is the folded hem......which will have to wait until I knit another hat that will actually fit my husband.  I was so excited to find this yarn in my stash (it was meant to be ~ you know that feeling ~ the right colors, sport weight like the pattern calls for, exact yardage) that I neglected to double check my pattern notes from his last hat where I clearly noted that I used WORSTED weight yarn.  Needless to say, when he tried this on at 11:30 last night he couldn't hide his disappointment that it just doesn't fit.  At all.  He tried to convince me that after I blocked it everything would be okay but the fact that it doesn't fit me either speaks to the contrary.

So, a quick stop at Great Yarns! on my way home and lucky me, they had the EXACT same yarn I used on his last one, in Seahawks colors so I'm back in business.  GAME ON!!  Think I can whip out a second one before Sunday morning?  Wish me luck ;)   ~ Melissa
Cascade Yarns Pure Alpaca ~ ooo, lala!


  1. Oh my! That must have stunned you, does it fit you? I hope so, then you can match :)

  2. Oh bummer! And what an adorably fantastic hat!! Glad they shop had the right yarn. You can do it!!

  3. arghhhhh! I'm so glad that Great Yarns had the right stuff for the hat.

    On the upside, you now have a great Christmas/Birthday/anytime present for your Big Tub 'O Knitted Things!

  4. voices of reason from far and wide...

    thanks, ladies, for your moral support and tremendous cheerleading!!

    I love it!

    the hat is going to be blocked as soon as I get home from work tonight and KEEP YOUR FINGERS CROSSED for a perfect fit!