22 September 2011

Playing Hooky

I got to take a personal day at work so went to sit and knit with the 'Thursday Group' that I never get to see.  Talk about sensory overload ~ so much chatter and needles flying and projects to see ~ how can I be this tired from just sitting for 4 hours??  I need a nap! 

Jo & Zoe got to go and hang out with us at WildFibers:
Is it just me or does Zoe look stoned when she's sitting next to Jo?  Between the outrageous locks and the buggy button eyes.....I think some changes are in store.  Thoughts???

I cast on Kate Davies' 'Peerie Flooers' while I was there ~ 4 hours and only 7 rows done.  Geesh ~ I just can't knit any faster, especially with colorwork.  It's hopeless ~ or I am!  It's so pretty so far, even just the little bit I've done:

And if you're intrigued by what's underneath my knitting, let's pan out just a bit:
The word had gotten out that I was going to make an appearance today and Linda (THANKS!!!) remembered that I had wanted to borrow her Herbert Niebling books and a few German lace knitting magazines.  Pages and pages and pages of inspiration.  Linda, I will try very hard not to drool all over them!


  1. Seven rows done while talking is a lot of knitting in my book :) Looks great!!!

  2. Don't change a thing, she looks adorable! Sounds like a heavenly day for certain:) Can't wait to see what you find in the German lace magazines.

  3. The stranded work will go faster once you're past the corrugated ribbing- that stuff is slow, no matter how fast you knit.

    I love the dolls!

  4. ok ~ for now Zoe will be happy with who she is and remain crazy-tressed and blueberry pie-eyed!

    Kathleen ~ I am so glad you commented ~ you made me feel better about my sluggish pace! I've only done one fair isle project to date (I saw that you made the same black and white skull cap ~ aaargh!) and I feel like this hat is going to kick my butt! I needed the encouragement ;)

    I wish you were closer so I could benefit from your expertise!