09 September 2011

Playing With Dolls

Meet Zoe Agneline Peep....
Stay tuned for her adventures with her sister, Josephine Elizabeth Peep....
who finally decided what to wear after recently being seen streaking at the Evergreen State Fair.  Who said that being older means being 'more mature', eh?  Can't wait to see you, Kelli!
                                                                      ~ Melissa

[Nancy Anderson's pattern for Maggie Bean dolls can be found on Petite Purls website ~ thanks to Nancy for sharing such a fun pattern!]


  1. Very clever Miss Melissa~

    I love Zoe and her very pretty outfit(where'd you get that?) Can't wait to see her in person.

    Love your maturer sis~

    P.S. we can stop the 'mature thing' now~ right?

  2. we can stop it anytime you'd like ~ it was all done at your suggestion, right?! hehehe

    my one American Girl doll has holy moth-eaten stockings (boohoo) but her shoes worked and even though the prairie dress was not what I wanted, surprise!, she had a plain white slip on underneath and I have a bag of ribbon scraps to use for sashes until I knit her some clothes

    her hair was a bear to figure out ~ started at the neck and worked upwards and ran out of yarn before I was halfway done so I started again from the forehead and worked downwards til it was gone...much better ;)

    they are such cuties!

  3. Y'all are so much fun! LOVE your dolls and how you customized them! The yarn hair is gorgeous!! Looking forward to your adventures!!

  4. These dolls are sooooo cute. I want to make one. Honesty, Mel, what don't you do? K... maybe you don't knit your own bra's, but you could. Haaa! Hugs... Pen