24 September 2011

Polar Opposites ~ at least for today ;)

Kelli finds peace and poetry in her knitting ~ for me, the last 3 days have been all about tension.  Tension in my neck and shoulders from concentrating so hard on trying to get my tension right on this hat:
Peerie Flooers by Kate Davies
Honestly, I can see where I could eventually really, really enjoy fair isle.  There is such a rhythm to it and there's never a good spot to put it down and walk away from it because you want to do 'just one more row' to see the magic that happens with the next color changes.  Kind of like that last potato chip ~ do you ever stop with your first thought of 'that's the last one' when you have the munchies?  Anyway, I'm proud I've gotten this far with no color mistakes (Kathi ~ there will be no sharpies touching THIS project!!) but I wish I could speed up the pace just a bit.  I'm a slow knitter by nature but, holy cow, since I don't know how to carry yarn with both hands and I have to stop with every color change, it's taking me twice as long as it should!

There is definitely a colorwork class in my not so distant future.     ~ Melissa


  1. great color choice, your hats looking good.

  2. Hey Melissa!

    You're doing a beautiful job! If you haven't already, you may want to check out the free videos on the philosopher's wool website. Ann slows down the process for two handed fair isle and she also teaches how to tack down floats....

  3. Morgan ~ that is hilarious ~ I got to the part of 'slows down the process' and got the giggles like you wouldn't believe

    if my process were any slower, I wouldn't be knitting at all :)

    thanks for the chuckle (and the advice ~ I'll take a peek tomorrow for sure)