15 September 2011

Party Girls

Jo and Zoe's first play date!

Tuesday night was our knitting guild's 2nd birthday party and what better place for the girls to meet for the first time?!  It was a really fun meeting ~ everyone brought snacks, there were cakes from Snohomish Bakery, members shared their ribbons from the Evergreen State Fair a few weeks ago, there were prizes for UFO's ~ biggest, smallest and oldest! ~ and the new officers were sworn in for our upcoming membership year.

It was great to see our guest blogger Morgen, who surprised me with an unexpected, tremendously generous and oh, so loved already, birthday gift:
Zoe cuddling with my birthday yarn
Yes, that's my favorite yarn ~ madelinetosh ~ in a weight I haven't tried ~ sock ~ in the most beautiful variegated colorway I've ever seen ~ Magnolia Leaf.  There's a little over 1000yds which is plenty enough to make a gorgeous shawl.  I'm going to have so much fun planning for this yarn!!  Thanks again, Morgen ~ I'm still shocked ~ and thanks also for the loan of the book.  I can't wait to delve into this one!

There's been little knitting time lately as I've been spending every spare minute getting ready to start my position as 'Knit News' reporter for the guild.  I'll have the opportunity every month at our meetings to do a presentation on any topic that happens to strike my fancy.  I'm close to done with my first presentation ~ the topic is top secret until October ~ but I have to say, every person that I contacted on Ravelry in regards to project, photo, and pattern sharing has been so generous and encouraging that I think I'll be able to work through all my jitters about speaking in front of the group on a regular basis.  I'm excited to see if I'm 'interesting' or if I 'bomb' ~ as a fairly new knitter, what do you talk about that would interest a room full of lifelong amazing crafters.  It will certainly be a challenge!  I'll let you know how it goes after our next meeting.  Wish me luck!

I did manage to finish a project this week ~ just what the doctor ordered since nothing feels 'done' right now (home, knitting, guild, you name it) and I needed to complete something

This is Vitamin D by Heidi Kirrmaier in one of my top 5 favorite yarns ~ Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool in Coffee Bean.  I'm thrilled with this knit and the drape of the yarn.  I'll get a ton of use out of this one this fall and winter.  This was a great knit with a little math and short rows, which kept all the stockinette from getting too boring.  I loved this pattern.

That's about all that's new for me ~ Kelli just finished a really pretty vest but if you want to see it you'll either have to check her out on Ravelry or razz her a little here to post more often (I'm all for option #2 ~ give her some grief, please!!).  Enjoy the last week of summer as we start hunkering down for some cooler weather and prime knitting time.  Happy weekend, all!      ~ Melissa

[Edited to add:  DANG ~ I was just rereading this after I posted and I HAVE finished something this summer ~ look at that awesome deck I'm standing on!!!  I stained that all by myself ~ 2 coats of stain and 38 man(or woman!)hours later ~ it took just about every single minute of sunny weather we had this summer that I wasn't at work!!!  So proud ~ and so pooped ~ but it is FINISHED!!!!  I get excited when it rains now since the water beads up which means I did a good job ~ yeah, for me!]


  1. Love the sweater and how it is so drapey! You did a great job, I think I might have to knit this one up!!!

  2. Wow ,that IS a generous gift in deed! And I love your sweater, it looks so cute on you!! Oh and the deck....girlfriend, that IS some work but the results are wonderful.

    Glad the girls got to go to the knit night party.

  3. Thanks for posting the Zo and Jo picture. It was a fun night,lots of good laughs and food.

    Razz? No razzing allowed.

    I'll try and step it up.