12 February 2012

Deep Fried Bliss

Remember this post where I mentioned my paternal Grandma's homemade donuts and the fact that I did not know how to make them?
Today everything changed ~ my family got together and caught up on birthdays that have passed since last we were together and while my sister's scrumptious dinner was baking, she and I and our mother made our first batch of Grandma's donuts.  We didn't have a donut cutter (we had to improvise) and the dough was too sticky, but for a first batch.......heaven.  Plain or cinnamon sugar, they're all good!  Grandma P would be proud!     ~ Melissa

p.s. ~ I am on row 14 of Bridgewater's first lace chart and loving every stitch!!!


  1. I wonder what homemade doughnuts would taste like while driving to or at Madrona??? Hmmm, how could we know that? (cinnamon sugar ones)

    Would we need milk or coffee with those? Hmm?

    I'll do my hair real purdy. lol

  2. hmmmmm ~ I can't find time to email everyone to make a plan for Saturday

    donuts.....not gonna happen ;)

    unless you bring them....
    balls in your court, sister