03 February 2012

Deception Pass Bridgewater

Just another day in the beautful Northwest. Here I am just 15 minutes away from my house, Deception Pass Bridge. A must see if ever up this way. The shawl helped keep me warm being that it's about 45 degrees outside. It's a breath taking view, snow covered moutains, swirling waters and the long drop as you look down while walking the bridge.



  1. This truly is one of the most beautiful views in our area, and your shawl is lovely too.

  2. dude ~ I don't like to DRIVE that bridge let alone stand on it

    my fear of heights kicked in & my palms started sweating when I saw you STANDING on it!!!

    did you look down? you are a brave soul ;)

  3. When I'm on the bridge I do have to remind myself that I'm safe, to look over the bridge does take courage, it's way the heck down. Along with traffic going both ways about maybe 2 feet away, and the bridge shakes. But what day it was today~

  4. Poppy Seed Roll where in the area do you live?

  5. It's really beautiful! Congrats on finishing so quickly!!! My hands are protesting all the lace knitting and I have to listen to them, but I'm 3/5th through the Horseshoe border now...

  6. so I just popped on when I realized I completely forgot to say 'well done!' on the shawl

    and I read about the bridge shaking while you were standing on it

    and now I just feel downright sick!

    I swear, I'd have more fun in life if I wasn't so scared of everything and didn't worry all the time ;)

    shhhh ~ I can hear what you're thinking, Kelli....'You? A worrier? Really?' bite your tongue ;)

    the shawl is gorgeous! Melissa

  7. I just told Jas that you took your pic at the Pass today and that I thought it would be a fun idea if we all took a picture on a bridge where we live....

    he laughed and said there wasn't a bridge small enough for me

    I told him the little concrete one in Sam's yard that goes over the creek ;)

    he said, 'yeah, but only if it's not windy'....butthead

  8. Thanks everybody, it's exciting knowing other shhawls are coming.

    Melissa in some areas in life you are the lowest risk taker I know, but in other areas you are the biggest, espcially when it comes to lace.

  9. heh ~ that's funny

    I just read what you wrote to Jas ~ he said 'you take risks ~ you married me'

    so there :P

    beat that one!!

  10. you win

    I'm not even a close second...even with Jason in the picture!

  11. You outdid yourself in the shawl and the setting for the photo-both are breathtaking!!!

  12. as will would say, "you're a beast!" i'm both impressed and completely jealous that you've completed this already! i'm having a hard time not hating you right now. ;)

    it looks amazing!

  13. Thank you, Swanski all because two sticks, (some kind of plastic because of the circular), some wool, and a pattern. Well I do tell people that if you want to knit it in a month you have to be a little crazy. ~If you have those, that's all it takes.

    Thanks Jeffry, no never been called a beast before, I'll never forget last summer, while waiting at the Skagit County Fair, Melissa and I were waiting to take our entries home. The judge came over to us and asked me "What machine did I use for my vest I knitted?" Melissa rolled her eyes and said "Oh she is a machine". I open my hands and showed her "my machine".

    I am so glad you're knitting this with us. Can't wait to see your Bridgewater.

    A little beastish,a little machineish, a little crazyish, sign me up!

  14. I'm in North Everett, we like to go over the bridge on our way to Oak Harbor instead of taking the ferry sometimes. In the summer it is an amazing place to take a walk, but it's still too chilly for me right now!