18 March 2011

Congrats, Tesia!

So, I'm sitting at work this week and a patient walks in with this amazing bright green sweater on.  You can imagine how the conversation went:

Me:  Did you make your sweater?
Patient: Yes.  Did you make your sweater?
Me:  Yes. (I was debuting my finished Mondo Cable Vest ~ I LOVE THIS KNIT!)

My Mondo Vest

Me:  Your sweater is so cute ~ what pattern is it?
And then she says.....

it's her very first published pattern.  She had submitted it to Three Irish Girls and they liked it and now it's available on their website.  It's called Green Is the New Black and I've seen it in person ~ it is a beatiful knit!  I'm so happy for her.  She's 'Tesia' on Ravelry if you want to find her.

She was also nice enough to offer her help if and when the time comes for me to try and get something in print.  I'm in the dark about sizing and how the whole process works and she gave me a link to a website for some info.  I may take you up on your offer somewhere down the road, Tesia!  Thanks for being so generous.

I'm sure getting to know a lot of really nice, and really talented people lately.  Life is good!


  1. Nice vest :) Thanks for the link to a beautiful sweater!

  2. Super cute! Way to go Melissa.

    We need to find a 'Knitting' fashion show.

    Hmmm,where would we? Any ideas?

  3. we should do one at the retreat ~ wouldn't that be fun!?

  4. Green is the New Black! Hmmm...one of these days another KAL??
    The Mondo vest is very cute! What yarn did you use? The color is perfect!

  5. My Mondo yarn is Dream in Color Classy ~ I'm wearing it again today. I know I've done well when I wear something I've made and forget I have it on instead of worrying all day that someone might notice that it's handmade ;) ~ I'm pretty self-conscious still about wearing my knits but I'm getting better...slowly!

    Isn't the green sweater wonderful? The yarn was fantastic, too, and I see that Serial Knitter carries 3 Irish Girls yarn. Now I definitely need to stop in there one of these days and check out that shop. I've heard wonderful things!