06 April 2013

i'm still in love with leaves of grass ~ guest blogger Eileen

yes i am still knitting on my shawl
and i continue to love this knit !
i have 5 more rows on chart D to finish !
tomorrow i will commit to " leaves of grass " knitting only !
i was in chicago for a week and could not bring this lovely knit with me due to it's size.
so i knitted and finished 4 other projects on the plane and down time when not visiting family
and ok not eating ! 
love , love eating my way through chicago ;)
hope to be posting progress very soon.


  1. Wooot! I want to say "You're so close to finishing!" But I know that's not quite accurate. Still, you've got a great headstart on me. Go, go, go! :)

  2. i love that you are continuing to love it! i think it gets better with each chart, e is SO much fun. your almost there!

  3. It is so frustrating to go on a trip that will have plenty of knitting time, but the project is just too large to take along. I feel your pain. I love how this is looking, it is going to be gorgeous. I'm sure you'll be done before you know it!