20 April 2013

pre-funk time! ~ posted by Melissa

There's still time to join the next knitalong (info link here) but with 10 days to go, how 'bout we start sharing our yarn choices!?  We're at 11 knitters so far with a few 'maybe' people still pondering.
Some you know and some you may not...here are links to everyone's ravelry pages so you can check each other out if you'd like:  Jeff, Penny & Caroline, Kelli, Jody, Amy, Annette, Will, Sue, Trudy, Dixie, LizAndee (welcome back!), Leanne (welcome back to you as well!), and me, of course! 
That's my yarn above ~ I'm fairly sure after winding a few options from my stash that I'm going to use this lovely cake of Madelinetosh Prairie laceweight in 'Wilted Rose'.
Anxious to see what you all are thinking and if you've got solid choices made yet!  When you're ready, let's get some photos up so we can all get a peek!
Happy weekend, all!  ~ Melissa


  1. Oh your yarn is beautiful. I can't decide if I am joining in....... but I did just buy yarn.......... that would be great for this.....but but but. Humm. I have so many things I want to knit. I'll check back in 10 days.

  2. This is beautiful! I'll be looking forward to see how it knits up! I just started a new project with MadTosh Merino light, the first time using a single Ply from this yarn company. We'll see how it goes! I won't be joining this KAL, since I'm still in the midst of the last one...I am about to begin the border of LoG, very exciting!

  3. nice choice! I had a feeling it was madtosh :)

  4. Love your rich colors.

    Can't believe how soon May will be here.

    Am excited to start.

  5. That yarn is delish! I am still deciding on mine. I will be a little behind in starting the KAL, just because the first two weeks of May at realjob are going to be hectic. You know how I am, I like to come late to the party.

  6. Hey Mel, not sure my hand is ready, but haven't ruled out participating. Also... Carolyn wants to do it, but May is SUPER busy for her at school. Thinking we will do the KAL with no pressure. We hope to shop this Saturday. If so, I will post our yarn together, cuz I know she won't. LOL