28 April 2013

May KAL - guest bloggers Carolyn and Penny

Hi everyone...

I dated this entry so it will fit below the Tulip Festival and Deception Pass posts.

My BFF... Carolyn, and I bought our yarn today. I have the feeling she made the better choice with her Filisilk (70% Merino, 30% Silk). She will never agree to post EVER, so I am adding her project to mine.

I went to "Serial Knitters" today and bought a different yarn from what I first posted. I felt like I might not like a variegated shawl. This is Zauberball (75% wool & 25% Nylon). The woman in the shop said this was a bit sticky, but I've knitted on it before. I wanted something that would look good with denim. :)

Good luck everyone. We look forwarding to knitting with you. Hope we finish ours before June "2014".

In it's infancy. 


  1. you two are going to be a hoot to knit with, Penny

    hope your healing hand can take it ~ don't over do it!! it's not a race so take as much time as you need

    both yarns are vibrant and colorful ~ your shawls will be amazing!

  2. Woohoo! So glad you'll be knittin with us. Great yarn choices. See you around.


  3. Thank you Kelli... Look forward to seeing how all the shawls turn out.

  4. I knit a trianglar shawl with Zauberball once, Penny ~ it is sticky, she's right, but it blocks nicely

    you still have 2 more days to change your mind again :)

  5. Thanks, Mel. I feel good about this yarn, and imagine how pretty it will be if I am successful. I will wear this!!!

  6. I just finished making my yarn tonight! It's a bit sticky, too. Actually, when trying to sort out the plies, I found myself trying to shame them into submission by shouting, "You're not friggin' mohair, so stop acting like it!"

  7. I am up for the challenge. bring it on!!!

  8. Such gorgeous blues... happy knitting!

  9. your first bit looks really nice, Penny!

    it's ok to do a new post instead of adding photos to an old...I'm not sure people will scroll back to look for updates on previously read stuff & we don't want them to miss your progress...especially since this is your FIRST BIG LACE PROJECT (so proud!)

  10. Thanks, Melissa. Once I am further along then I'll share it in a new post.