06 April 2013

look what we've done & a new kal ~ posted by Melissa

I thought it would be a good time for an update as our Leaves of Grass knitalong winds down and we begin gearing up for our next adventure.
We started out this fun Jared Flood knit with 15 knitters.  Tracey's Leaves of Grass took an unexpected turn and she went down a completely different path and knit herself an absolutely amazing pi shawl (here's the ravelry link to what her yarn wanted to become instead ~ it's definitely worth a peek!).  We haven't heard from Annie since the very beginning when she admitted to wishing she had used smaller needles and was going to frog and start anew (Annie, where are you my friend?).  And we'll never forget this terrifyingly hilarious post from Andi where she describes how her Leaves of Grass bit the dust (Andi, I hope you knit along with us again!).
Heather has finished her Leaves and I have a feeling it won't be long before we see some finished photos from her (you have had one chaotic winter, Heather!).  Kelly, Morgen, Eileen and Will are still dutifully working on their shawls and I hope to see more photos from them soon (hint hint!).
And as you can see from the photo collage above, 7 of us have completed our projects and don't they look lovely!  Starting at the upper left corner and going clockwise, here we are proudly displaying what a few months of hard work and friendship has accomplished:  Leanne, Andee, Kelli, Annette, Melissa, Jeff, and Lori.
Kelli and I have had a wonderful time knitting with our old fiber friends, as well as the new.  And that brings us to the next adventure ~ our May Day Knitalong.  I started a page at the top of the blog with all the information ( here's the link ).  You can read about the pattern we chose and how to contact me if you're interested in casting on with us on May 1st.
Until then, I hope everyone enjoys the weekend.  I can't wait to get started on the next big thing!
~ Melissa


  1. Replies
    1. and just like that, we're already up to 6 people :) ~ good pick, you guys!

      I'm having a hard time deciding what yarn in my stash I want to use ~ so many things would work....hmmmmm

  2. Great post!!! Love the pictures of our fearless group.

    I too will be deciding which lucky skein will be choosen for this project.

  3. i hope to catch up with my leaves of grass so i can partake in the next kal. wonderful choice and i have yarn in my stash !
    all the finish leaves of grass look great !

  4. Great recap! It's a nice motivator.

    I'm excited for Shetland Triangle... I've heard great things about that pattern, and I've seen it knit up in a variety of yarns - all of them lovely!

    Wouldn't it be fun to use handspun yarn? *cough, cough*

    1. why yes, handspun would be mah-velous...are you sending me some????
      cough cough :)

  5. I am so in! Despite the death of my LoG, it was the best time. It has been wonderful getting to know all of you.

    1. you are so funny, Andi ~ I'm glad to have you back again

      no more Nyquil, 'kay???

    2. you are the most lovely host(ess) melissa, and what a wonderful summary! am very tempted by the new kal...

    3. we would love to have you back again, lori, if you decide you can fit one more thing into your fun filled busy life :)

  6. I'm in!!!!! I have the perfect yarn that has been sitting on my shelf since I bought it at Maryland Sheep & Wool. It finally has a destiny. Can't wait!!!!!!