27 April 2013

Tulip Time 2 0 1 3 ~ a post from Kelli

                                                      You almost have to pinch yourself
                                                       to believe it's real~  On a sunny day
                                          the flowers make color come alive.  You stand there
                                          and watch in wonder.  You are so thankful for sight.
                                          Thankful to farmers who farm.

Thank you Skagit Valley farmers and families~ Support a local farms.


  1. our blog is turning into a 'reasons to come visit Washington' commercial :)

    the fields were beautiful this year ~ we're so lucky!

  2. Ha! I was up Mt.Vernon way today, but saw nary a tulip! I was on the east side of I5 visiting a ranch and picking up fleeces on their last day of shearing for this Spring! Yes Sir, yes Sir, four bags full!

    1. one for your master, one for your dame, and one for Melissa who lives down the lane :)

  3. breathtakingly beautiful! Thanks for sharing :)

  4. All I can say is, WOW!!! Looks like Holland in Washington!