01 January 2014

The prodigal knitters... guest bloggers Carolyn and Penny

Carolyn and I opted out of a KAL earlier in the year, and thought we would be sneaky and do our own. However, I forgot and posted my partially completed project on RAV way early (duh); Carolyn kept her's a secret.

She made another "Shetland Triangle Shawl" by Clark, and I made "Lighter Than Perfume" by Tsymbal. She finished over a month ago, and I clocked in just before the New Year, last night.

Lo and behold, Carolyn also made this beauty by Susanna IC,  "Annis".

Last but not least, we both made the Rachel shawl from the same yarn, which we promised Mel we'd model.


  1. a feast for my eyes :) ~ look at you both go!! thanks for sharing everything (man, you've come a long way in a short time, Penny!)

    tell Carolyn that Annis is stunning and I keep forgetting that I have that queued until I see one knit up ~ moving it back towards the top!!

    Happy New Year to you both!!

  2. The Annis is tempting, minus the 300+ row of stitches I would no doubt find a nightmare if I made a mistake. I still might give it a go -- but for now I am content to pick up "Leaves of Grass", another inspiration from you. I didn't get very far before we got this bright idea of doing our secret KAL. Then the hats began to fill my time, which will be ongoing.

  3. lovely shawls and such modelling! It's chilly here and those shawls would keep me very warm :)

  4. Thanx "thecrazysheeplady" and karen. Feels so good to have a few things completed.