16 March 2015

a room with a view - posted by Melissa

sitting on our deck - that's Haystack Rock - incredible view!

Stephanie Inn's main hotel

the Carriage House to the right - we stayed in this outbuilding

our deck & Haystack Rock

have I mentioned we could see Haystack Rock???

our front room

lush extravagance

best sunset photo taken with Jason's iphone

Part II : Our Destination
We arrived in Cannon Beach, Oregon a few hours before sunset.  Time enough to check in, get our bearings and soak in this amazing view before dark.  We stayed at the Stephanie Inn, which was quite a splurge for us but we were long overdue for a few days away and some badly needed downtime.  This place knocked our socks off.  They cater to your every need.  The extras that were included in our stay very much offset the price of the room.  We were treated to a lavish breakfast buffet every morning (I can't even tell you how good the food was!).  There were daily fresh baked goods in the lobby and hot coffee and delicious teas 24 hours a day.  They even delivered a plate of fresh cookies and chocolates to our room every night.  You could also partake in a wine/beer/appetizer get-together before dinner, as well as a nightcap before bed if the mood suited you (we skipped the socializing)...all for the price of admission.  The people were all very nice and extremely hospitable.  You could have your car washed, join the daily yoga classes at the local studio, take a class every day at lunch from the resident chef, and if you wanted to leave your car at the hotel, they had a Mercedes SUV to shuttle you anywhere you wanted to go.  Ridiculously extravagant.
And very much out of our comfort zone.  Lots of bells and whistles but we felt out of place.  We're used to camping when we go on vacation so this just felt weird (nice, but weird).  Next time we go, we're choosing a spot that will let us bring Dozer.  A bit more lowbrow, shall we say?  We missed the pup.  He should have been frolicking in the sand every day.
That's it for today.  More to come...
teaser: low tide and tide pools!


  1. Sounds like a lot of fun, Melissa! And just how much are they paying you for that lovely advertisement for them? Ha! I'll keep the place in mind next time I'm on the Oregon coast!

  2. It looks beautiful and fun to be catered to. Your pictures are so beautiful... one of my favorite spots on the Oregon Coast.

  3. Oh, I think I could suffer through a stay in this spot! ;) WOW. It is so beautiful. What a view! Maybe I won't have to wear any green today since the envy has turned me a nice shade already. hahaha. Hope you have a wonderful St. Patty's Day, Melissa. blessings ~ tanna

  4. What beautiful photos, and what an amazing view - you lucky girl :)

  5. Good for both of you! The place and the view ~ so fabulous!

  6. this sounds like the kind of place I would love, minus socializing! I'm glad you both got away and had a vacation with lots of good memories :)

  7. I bet if I show these pictures to Dave he'll want us to go to Haystack. What amazing photos. So glad you got to sneak off and have time with your sweetie. Was it hard to come home?

  8. I bet if I show these pictures to Dave he'll want us to go to Haystack. What amazing photos. So glad you got to sneak off and have time with your sweetie. Was it hard to come home?

  9. We just took out cover off our camper! We're heading south next week. We aren't fancy vacationers. Having our camper parked on the beach with our family, dog and friends is our style! But I'd love a pampered trip once and a while. Maybe then I won't stand out so much a the weird girl that does Yoga by her travel trailer and knits :) I don't get as embarrassed as my husband does.. for the record.