15 March 2015

Dismal Nitch - posted by Melissa


Too many vacation photos for one post so they'll come in fits and starts.  We stopped here, at Dismal Nitch along the Columbia River, just before crossing the bridge into Astoria, Oregon.  I'll let the pictures speak for themselves but if you're interested in history, here's a wonderful link that details the Lewis and Clark expedition in regards to their stay here, with excerpts from William Clark's journal in his own words.  We lingered here for quite a while, imagining what it must have been like, to know you are so close to your journey's end yet with the realization that you may perish before you reach your destination.
More another day.


  1. loving the weather you had based on that last photo!

    1. I was actually hoping for and expecting winter storms at the ocean but we had it all ~ a day and a half each of gorgeous warm sunshine and also stormy steel gray skies and torrential sideways rain.

      It was perfect!

  2. One day I will make it there for a visit! It's beautiful, just beautiful!