09 April 2011


just checking in before the chaos starts in our house ~ the furniture that wasn't to be delivered for at least another month is being delivered next Saturday and we have yet to paint our front room, so this week is going to be a total spank as far as chores go and, sad to say, little knitting will be done..

I did get my Bias-ed scarf finished and blocked last night:

And I've chosen my next project so I have something to look forward to when all the paint has been put away and the dust has settled....this is definitely incentive to get this place done and organized-

What do you think:
Jared Flood's Rock Island Shawl with the madelinetosh Prairie in Nutmeg that I got at Knit Purl during the Seattle to Portland Train event in January.  I wound my yarn last night and I'm ready to cast on when the paint is dry!
Happy weekend, all!  ~ Mel


  1. Your bias scarf is so pretty! I might have to try that pattern. I LOVE the color of your madelinetosh :D Have fun with your house painting.

  2. I've officially been banned from the actual painting. It takes me 4 coats to do what my husband can do perfectly with 1 ~ we're on a time crunch so I've been assigned construction clean-up, meal maker, dog watcher, and official Girl Friday for the week ;)

  3. Lovely new project! I bought the pattern, but don't know what I'll use. Are you doing the KAL on Ravelry? Oh, I'll be so excited to start. I'm depending on you to forge the way for me. (no pressure, though)

  4. didn't know there was a kal and I better not join or I'll be obsessed with keeping up with the Jones' and my husband might just decide to lock up my knitting gear til after the house is done being remodeled!

  5. Hey Girl Friday! Remodel, paint, and new furniture??? Sounds like a perfect way to start off Summer! Are you taking before and after pics?
    Your next project looks lovely. Love the color!

  6. it's a giant 12-yr work in progress but this year we're making huge dents ~ I am taking pics ~ the before are a disaster but the afters will hopefully be worth living in a mess for so long!

    see you Tuesday night....maybe....between your classes and my home mess, we might both miss the meeting this month!

  7. Love both projects, Mel. That lace bug really is catching!
    I just blocked my Swallowtail and can't believe that I've made something so beautiful. I'm totally in awe. Ofcourse I've just got some Madelinetosh Pashmina and have decided to tackle Jared's Juneberry. Obviously we're on a similar wavelength! ;-)

  8. Jane ~ I purchased Juneberry also so I will eventually make that,but when I saw his newest pattern it called out to me!

    Can't wait to see how your Swallowtail finished up ~ it looked great in the wip pics on your blog!