28 April 2011

Between a Rock and a Berry

 Anybody interested in a KAL?  I'm thinking about starting Juneberry on May Day this Sunday.

My Rock Island is off the needles and awaiting a well deserved bath.....can't wait to see what she turns into with the magic of blocking:


  1. Stunning! I love that color!!!!

  2. Beautiful shawl~

    May day for Juneberry?



    I'll KAL with ya. What yarn and needle size you going to use?

    I do need to finish my grandma's Traveling Women, by thurday...and I need to get some fingerless mitts done by next friday. I am working on a personal pattern of a vest for me...but what the heck...we could have them done by June.

  3. yup - tomorrow - I'm using the big cone of red sport weight yarn from Dublin Bay - coarse and rustic

    it will be a nice change from Rock Island which was airy and light

  4. I'd love to join if you don't mind! I have plenty of yarn and I know I have the pattern, I just can't put my hands on it at the moment. I'll look again this afternoon. Not sure if I want to use Shelter or maybe some Toots LeBlanc. Your Rock Island is gorgeous! I love the color!

  5. absolutely, Morgen! I'd still love to see your last KAL finished work, though... ;)

    maybe at the next meeting? I've been waiting to share mine since I thought it would be fun to show ours together!