17 April 2011

Did I Really Do That?

Scissors and knitted items just don't go together. So when considering steeking I needed back up. I am blessed. Here I am with two of my supporters. Sherry in the middle and Fran on the right. When useing dark yarn it's really hard to see where to sew. I'll remember that next time.
I was nervous with the cutting process...really, you cut it? Just like that? But what about...
No way am I doing this to my vest! But won't it unravel?
Took 4 cuts,this is crazy.
At last my vest, after some growing pains. Can you see those rows and rows and rows of color?
(Last years tulip picture) this year the tulips are slow with their blooms.

Check off this dream come true from the 'bucket list'. I did it!...and love it!

I still have a long list of knits I want to try, I can't wait to see where this all takes me next.

Melissa keeps tempting me with spinning...?...hmm?



  1. Wonderful (!!!) post, Kelli! Your vest looks as lovely on the wrong side as it does on the right side.....will you teach me? ;)


  2. I am so proud. Great picture of you and your vest in the tulips love ya

  3. Melissa,I should take pictures of the inside too, it is pretty shocking how clean it looks...but people will think you did it.

  4. Jr., thanks for the sweet post and for taking all the pictures for me.
    Stay safe and warm in Alaska.
    Love you.

  5. HA! I should take a picture of the reverse on my one and only Fair Isle project and then everyone could see that it is most definitely NOT my perfect handiwork!

    I stink ;)

  6. Kelli! It's REALLY beautiful!!! I've learned that steeking is fun and really really useful!

  7. Kelli ~ now that you know who 'Kathleen Taylor' is that follows the blog (see her comment above on your vest!)....the awesome author of 'Fearless Fair Isle Knitting'....don't you feel even MORE proud of your vest???

    I bet she would know it wasn't machine made if she saw it in person ;)