07 April 2011

Knitting at Sea

A cold wet 'spring break' but did come home renewed... Working on my needle case~ linen stitching.
Lizzy and Bella walking on the beach of Jones Island,(one of the few times it didn't rain)
The happy couple trying to stay warm.
Have you ever knitted by campfire? I'm wearing Kaileigh's hat while working on M'lis's.
Why even have a campfire if you don't have all the right gear? We had a wonderful time. Wish you we're here, but you pobably stayed home warm and dry...


  1. Looks like you had a good time anyway.. That is great , and the smores look wonderful , my loss and love the smell of a good campfire. Hats look darling... Glad it was a fun time.

  2. Kelli,

    How do you knit? I'm looking closely at the first photo and it appears as though your left hand is mostly underneath the needle? Just curious! Oh oh oh, S'mores! Be still my beating heart!

  3. can I come next time ;)

    looks like a great vacation ~ thanks for sharing some pics and your knitting projects!

  4. Hi Morgan, I can't remember if I'm really knitting or posing in this photo? But I do knit different then most people,...the s'mores were great!