25 April 2011

Flood Season

I'm not talking about the weather ~ we actually had a beautiful spring day on Saturday ~ sunshine from start to finish....

and we realized we have some new neighbors this year.  We finally removed Harley's dog kennel from under this tree (bittersweet) only to have this unused bird house finally fill up with a chickadee family.  I'll be on the lookout for tiny babies poking their heads out one of these days!

Nope, I'm talking about Flood, as in Jared, and if you've ever been on Ravelry you know who he is.  I've made 2 Hemlock Ring Blankets ~ both of which have been gifted... this one went to Trudy and this one went to a friend battling breast cancer.  I also have his patterns for TerraJuneberry, and Celes, and can't wait to choose which one to get started on next since I'm very close to finishing Rock Island.

The KnitWits finally used the money we made speaking at the SKG meeting last October and took a day trip over to Bainbridge Island for shopping at Churchmouse Yarns and Teas followed by lunch at the Blackbird Bakery (delicious!) last Saturday.  It was a fun day ~ they have a wonderful Jared Flood display:

and I did get yarn for my first project from the newest Knitting Traditions magazine ~ here is the yarn I chose for my Appalachian Gathering Basket ~ a felted Fair Isle....hmmm....sounds pretty challenging for me!  I know choosing the colors was HARD!!!  What do you think?

So, that pretty much catches us up for the last 2 weeks.  The home projects continue, the furniture is delivered and much loved already, spring is here at last and I still am managing to get some knitting done.  What does everyone have on the needles right now?  Are you knitting for summer or looking ahead already to the next cold weather seasons?  Me, I'll just keep stitching away on my lace and hope for another sunny day in the not so distant future!  Have a great week, all!  ~ Melissa

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  1. How exciting to have a bird family! The shawl is looking so beautiful. I am still knitting a shawl and a sweater, both a little slow going but fun.