03 April 2011

Sometimes a Growl is Good ~

Happy Birthday, Sam and Jason!
Thanks, Tamra, for the link to relishmag.com where I found the recipe for Halekulani Hotel Coconut Cake.
After a rough start (a 30-minute bake took an hour for some reason???)...

I had a cake that closely resembled the picture on their site.  Now for the big test.....

My official taster took a poke, and a lick....

and a few more pokes, and with a growl that meant 'More please, Auntie!', the cake was declared fit to eat and the celebration commenced!
Happy Birthday, guys!
Kelli and family, you missed out on this one!


  1. Happy Birthday guys.. Melissa the cake was
    wonderful, thanks so much. Your taster was
    good too. :) Missed the rest of our family , hope you are having a good time.

  2. thanks for dinner, Trudy ~ it was tasty as usual! glad most of us could get together!

    see you in a couple weeks!

  3. The cake looks scrumptious! Thanks for reminding me about this cake -my husband's birthday is coming up and I was trying to decide what I should bake for him -I had forgotten about this cake, but he loves coconut and yours looks so good that its decided now. Thanks again! And your official taster is adorable.

  4. Tamra ~ I decided to substitute Vanilla Italian Soda syrup for the Amaretto in the pastry cream & it was delicious! If I make it a second time, I'd probably try a different cake (I'm not sure I love sponge cake?) and toast the coconut for the topping on the frosting for a little nutty flavor. It's a great recipe!