08 February 2015

Great Minds ~ a post from Kelli

I was with Melissa when she bought her latest sock yarn. Was on the fence if I wanted the Hawks color way...then another
friend of ours bought some and I needed some too.
Fun, easy take-a-long, talk-a-long project.  Knitting with "US 0" needles knit up faster then I thought~

Great free Georgia Sleeves pattern from Ravelry, check'em out. 


  1. Thanks for the sleeve pattern suggestion, Kelli. I downloaded and started a pair last night. Considering I use 7 and 8 needles for hats, adjusting to a "0" is a bit of a stretch. Even so, I'm enjoying it. I happened to have a big skein of sock yarn that needed a purpose, so it's a win-win. It's not beautiful like the yarn you and Mel chose, however.

    1. Happy to enable, I mean help. It sure does make it sweeter when you have yarn ready, and you find a pattern you like~

  2. i love to have a simple project to keep in my purse like this one !

  3. Those are really cute and spring like socks