12 February 2015

I forgot to..... ~guest blogger Andee

BTW I never posted a picture of my finished Spire.... from the last or last before that KAL. Anyway I am wearing it to work today and I took a very cruddy picture of it with my cell phone.

Don't mind the mess in the back ground. My kids are home from school this week..... which equals messes and messes and messes that just don't go away.

As you can see I made arm holes in the Spire so I can wear it as a vest. I get a lot of use out of it this way!


  1. It is gorgeous.... and a messy home is a loved and lived in home xxx
    Angie xx

  2. oh Andee that's so pretty on you! Great job! I'm hoping for more pictures!? thanks for posting, always enjoy seeing what you're up too~

  3. Clever idea, Andee. Beautiful job!

  4. It looks great, and as a working mom I appreciate you keeping it real. Ps this isn't that messy:)

  5. beautiful! What mess in the background ?