03 February 2015

Stonecrop :: guest post blogger Karen

Ta da!  The shawl is finished and as I type this it's folded up and waiting for July and the wedding to roll around.  I'm pretty sure I'll wear this shawl to my daughter's wedding, unless I change my mind. I enjoyed knitting this pattern and the challenge of following three charts at once was fun.  I think that's how us knitters get our entertainment.

I would have loved to make the longer version but I had no idea if I had enough yarn or not and knitting three extra repeats only to rip them out would have made me sad.  So I did the smaller one, but as you can see the small version is quite large enough!!

Ravelry notes are here and a blog post here


  1. Oh Karen this is uplifting! So beautiful! Do you love it?! I do. How good does it feel to have this DONE? Crossed off the list. Well done and I hope the rest of the life changing events goes as smoothly. YEAH to you~

  2. Impressive. You must be thrilled.

  3. Very beautiful and you will be a hit at the wedding in this. I hope you'll post about the wedding and the wearin' o' the Stonecrop.

  4. wow.

    I've been debating about what to cast on after Girasole and I was leaning towards an Ashby but now...now I'm not so sure.

    you are going to be a gorgeous & proud mama at your daughter's wedding, Karen (I can't wait to see pictures!)