30 March 2011

Call me crazy

I haven't been able to put the current edition of Knitting Traditions down.  I've had it for a week today and I think I could list the projects from cover to cover by heart if somebody dared me....

Knitting Traditions ~ Winter 2011

Did you ever have a Julie/Julia Moment?  This magazine is definitely mine.  I have an urge to finish up all my unfinished projects and make the entire issue my next Big Thing.  Amazing, amazing stuff.  And the stories that go with each project are beautifully written and so inspiring to me.

Have you seen it?  Does it make anyone else feel the same way?  Anybody want to join me? :)



  1. The "Traveler's Pocket with Medieval Motifs" ~hello!!! by Nancy Bush ~hello!!!

    The Kaleidoscope of Color Latvian Fingerless Mitts ~hello!!!

    The An Appalachian Gathering Basket ~um... hello!!!

    This issue was part of the motivation to fairisle my vest.

    Yep, lots of treasures are waiting us.


  2. hello!!! is right!

    I'm trying to decide what projects I can make from stashed yarn and what I need to buy at Churchmouse in a few weeks when we go....

    should we knit-along? I vote for either the Traveler's Pocket or the Appalachian Gathering Basket for starters....

    I showed Jas that project last night and he said it doesn't look like it would hold very many Appalachian's to him....did I get the funny brother or did we both luck out and his sense of humour runs in the family?!