31 March 2011

More of Port Gamble~ Part 2

Another place to shop while in Port Gamble~ The smallest boutique shop I've ever seen. "Second Spring" is the name of this one room of a shed/shop, full of lovingly hand knitted and sewn items. If you need to use the 'public facilities',that are located on your way out of town,on the left,this shop is right across. I believe sitting in the parking lot...? You'll want to shop BEFORE Melissa and I get there,cause we scooped up all the cutest stuff quick~ See Melissa in the window?

I think she's open Friday and Saturday's only... the paper bags she uses for your purchases are machine sewn together~ very cute~


  1. yeah! a Kelli post...I've been feeling like a blog hog!

    If I'm blogging too much, feel free to tell me to 'shush'....I feel like I'm annoying, popping on every few days :)


  2. Love all your posts! Post away! No post hogs here.

  3. Keep posting, I look most everyday to see what
    new thought, pictures etc. is going on in the minds of you two young ladies. Love your thoughts and projets.

  4. thanks, you two

    I mostly post to keep in touch with the both of you ~ I'm not sure who else even really reads the blog on a regular basis anyway!