21 March 2011

A day for play...

Yesterday we spent the day goofing before we spend our upcoming vacation week doing major home improvement things.  It was a great idea and I feel refreshed and ready to paint and install and unpack and organize....hopefully there will be some new photos of the attic by the end of the week that show major progress.  Until then, here are some pics from yesterday to tide you over!  ~ Melissa

a better photo of the Mondo Vest

brrr ~ it is NOT springlike quite yet!

Giddy-up, nephew ~ so sweet!

Time well spent playing with my nephew ~ my boots are big boots to fill!


  1. What a fun Auntie! I love your vest, and I love your boots. Good luck with the home improvements.

  2. I can't decide who's having more fun? You? Vincent? or the boots? Cute photo~