27 March 2011

Men at Work

Thanks, Lowell and Sam, for helping us rebuild the driveway ~ you made the job much easier!  We appreciate you both!


  1. Whats wrong with that picture... Lowell and Sam have their hands in their pockets and Jason is working :) Gave Sam a bad time... Looks nice. Sam said lunch was great.

  2. don't let the pic fool you ~ they worked hard and it wouldn't have gotten done today if they hadn't been here!!!

  3. Way to go guys! What was for lunch?

  4. homemade ham & split pea soup with grilled ham & cheese sandwiches, chips,fruit and hot coffee ;)

  5. LOL hands in pockets. Trudy has a point ;)

    btw twoknitwit: lunch WAS excellent- tyvm! and also, i approved your longstanding comments to my own humble blog, and changed the settings so i don't have to approve comments for them to show up anymore.

    and it was great to get some time hangin' out with Jason & Sam. and Dozer! :)

    and LAST: your driveway DOES look great...and so does the knitting room and stairwell and bathroom and and and... hehehe PEACE