02 March 2011

Cover Girl

Look, Kel ~
You're anonymously famous (or famously anonymous!) ~ my Spring 2011 WEBS catalog was in today's mail...

I guess since you're older you get to do everything first ~ now I know how my little sister always felt ;) ... gosh, Kelli, I want to be just like you when I grow up!


  1. That's very cool.

    It's OK little sis you still have time to be as good as me!

    Keep reach'in. Maybe someday?

    What a great memory, sitting with you and Coralie and knitting a swatch,so she could figure out what gauge the pattern would be!!!

    I emailed Webs and asked for a catalog. I'll look at work and see if we get it?


  2. I'm short ~ I'll have to reach really really high to reach the pedestal upon which you sit ;)

    You can have my copy of the catalog if you don't get one ~ I was going to give it to you anyway.

    That was a fun day with Coralie ~ oh, the people we've met along the our short journey so far....