24 March 2011


The older I get, the more appealing it sounds ~ a week of vacation just isn't enough anymore.

We've been working on the house all week so today was for fun.  Went and sat with our knitgroup and saw some of the retreat gals for the first time since October.  The drive to Mount Vernon was beautiful as always ~ it's nice to get in the car and actually be able to drive and not do the stop-and-go that is my everyday life.  Spent some time visiting with my #1 Homey for the first time in months, also (that would be YOU, Kelli!) ~ it was a great day and I actually got a bit of knitting done on my Bias Summer Scarf.

Punta Yarns ~ Merisock Handpainted

And tomorrow, we're bombing the house for the moth invasion that I'm afraid has started (I killed 2 yesterday ~ the nasty, nasty buggers), and the gang that went to Portland on the yarn train is heading over to the Olympic Peninsula for the day to visit some yarn shops that we've never been to.  It will be a great day if we only have 1/2 the fun we had in Portland!


  1. It was so fun! The weather was beautiful. I can't get the feeling of the Artful Ewe out of my head (nor do I want too). What a fabulous shop. Plus that sweet little shed of a shop called Second Spring. Can't wait to go again.
    Thanks Melissa for driving us all over.

    Good-bye moths!


  2. It was a great day and thanks again. I agree with Kelli that was the best shop and the most
    original one's we have ever been too. I'm thinking of something I can make so I can go back with something in mind to buy something beautiful. I've been bending Sam's ear about
    it every since I got home. Thanks L Trudy